February 8, 2013

Natural Steps for Myelin Sheath Preservation

In the previous article, we discussed how important it is to build the myelin sheath in your brain to help you learn and become a better performer.  So today, I want to discuss ways in which one can help prevent and repair myelin damage, in a natural way.

Myelin is essentially 75% fats and cholesterol, and 25% protein.

1.       Folic acid and vitamin B12.
2.       Reduce inflammation in the body that could damage the myelin:  essential fatty acids (omega-6, omega-3), vitamin C, vitamin D, green tea, devil’s claw, white willow, and boswellia.
3.       Other nutrients that support the immune system:  zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B.

Of course, the quantities needed of each varies with each individual, but it’s important to make sure one has a balanced (and as natural as possible) diet.  The more detoxified your body is, the better.

Some foods that can help include:
1.       Olive oil.
2.       Fish (though be careful of mercury).
3.       Nuts.
4.       Cocoa.
5.       Avocados.
6.       Whole grains.
7.       Legumes (ex: beans, lentils).
8.       Spinach.
9.       Yogurt (plain organic is better; if you want it to taste sweet, you can add a little bit of raw honey).
10.   Semisweet chocolate.
11.   Oregano and thyme.
Things to avoid include chemicals and heavy metals (ex:  mercury), exposure to x-rays, insecticides, organic solvents.


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